Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

About the show

Paramount’s Laser Spectacular is the smash hit multimedia laser and light show, featuring the Original Master Recordings of Pink Floyd.

Laser Spectacular carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey, driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers and large screen video projection; all choreographed to the masterful soundtrack of Pink Floyd.

The Laser Spectacular has become a must-see classic for Floyd fans of all ages

A totally immersive experience!

The Pink Floyd Laser Show Spectacular

The first half, viewed though 3-D glasses, features  Dark Side of the Moon.

The second half, viewed though mind-blowing prism glasses, rocks to Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Everybody loves Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd Laser Show Fans

“Over the years, the show has changed, and so has the audience. Today you see Classic Rockers, along with a new generation of Floyd fans! So, parents, score “cool points” with your teenagers and bring ‘em along!”


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The Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

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