Paramount’s Laser Spectacular was presented for the first time at the Woodlawn Theater in San Antonio, Texas. At the time, producer Steve Monistere was staging Jazz and Blues concerts there. A local lasers approached Steve with the idea of producing a laser show. Steve had never seen a laser show, and reluctantly agreed to give the idea a try. Both shows sold out and the rest, as they say, is history! Steve immediately made upgrades to the show and started touring it throughout Texas. The show gathered steam as it rolled across the US playing to packed houses. 1987 Marc Solis came on board and began helping Monistere promote half of the eighty plus dates each year. By 1990, Solis had taken over the primary day to day business of promoting the show. Marc left the company in 1999 and now works in the Facility Management industry.

In 1991, “Laser Dave” McConkey took over the duties of tour production manager and lead laserist. Much of the early success is attributed to Dave’s hard work in preparing for, and staging the show as it toured. Dave still maintains his position with Laser Spectacular and can be see manning the controls at every show.

Lane McConahy has been with Laser Spectacular since 1994, and still is with the tour as stage manager and truck driver.

Lane has gotten the tour to its destination on time and safely in the most extreme conditions. “Lane ROCKS”!

With the increased speed of computer and the advancement of digital technology, the show has improved greatly over the years. Courtney Ryan Waters was as a 20-year-old “rookie” when he started working with Laser Spectacular. Ryan was responsible for the complete overhaul and modernization of the show in 2007. Over the past 15 years, Ryan has horned his considerable skills and still contributes to the project.

After 25+ years of playing theaters through out the world, it’s not only the world’s longest touring laser show, but also the LONGEST TOURING THEATER SHOW IN HISTORY! The Laser Spectacular has sold out in many markets including Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and New York City. Recently the show played to 14,000 fans at the Minnesota Sate Fair! Each year the show is updated with technical and creative changes that keep the audience coming back for more. After 25+ years of touring, Paramount’s Laser Spectacular has become a cult classic in multimedia entertainment!