SHINE ON! The Pink Floyd Experience to play the Aztec Theater in San Antonio

SHINE ON! The Pink Floyd Experience to play the Aztec Theater in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — Steve Monistere’s Paramount Laser Spectacular takes the legendary Pink Floyd show up to 11 this time with a live Pink Floyd Experience.

“SHINE ON! — The Definitive Pink Floyd Concert Experience”  returns to San Antonio  . Featuring a world-class tribute band, it arrives at the beautiful Aztec Theater on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 . Showtime is 8 p.m. The Aztec is on Saint Marys Street just behind the Majestic Theater in an area quickly becoming known for it’s live music venues.

Monistere, the Laser Spectacular’s long-running show producer,  updated the 3-D laser, video and high-tech light show last year and has taken the show to a whole new level with the addition of Shine On!

“What’s mostly changed is the addition of real rock-style oomph. It remains a fun, family-friendly rock ‘n’ roll rite of passage.” , Monistere said.

“The show still has all of the elements of the Laser Spectacular of the past. Instead of a recorded track, the band performs,” Monistere said. “Of course, it is more than that. It’s an entertaining concert experience.”

The tribute band Shine On! performs the soundtrack from start to finish (two 50-minute sets with a 20-minute intermission). The first half of the show is “Dark Side of the Moon,” Pink Floyd’s 1973 landmark album. ” The second half of the night is largely made of classic rock music from “The Wall.”

“I think it takes the whole show up 10 notches,” said Monistere of the changes. “It’s a concert and  its much more. All of the elements of the Laser Spectacular are there… the large screen video projection, the lasers and other tricks….. It’s proven people like that. Now you have human beings  interaction, and you feel emotion and energy of the live performers.”

One thing never changes and that’s Monistere’s answer to the enduring nature of Pink Floyd’s music. He has given the same response for 27 years.

There’s a simple reason for its cult following.

“The answer remains the same: It’s the music,” he said. “It’s the only thing that explains it. The music is timeless. It’s forever. And it’s a whole new generation. It’s amazing. It’s for the young people now.”

Tickets go on sale August 9th at the Aztec Box Office or visit