Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular Reviews

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular Reviews



“This Show ROCKS!”
– Howard Stern

“The Laser Spectacular captures the essence of Dark Side of the Moon.”
– Alan Parsons

“This is NOT your fathers laser show”
– Daniel Joseph Monistere



If you enjoy entertainment that is “Different”, than you you love this show! The first half it the complete Dark Side of the Moon album. The second half is kind like the “Best of Pink Floyd”… with the Wall and other great stuff. We sat in the lower balcony with all the other stoners! LOL… It was seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show but a whole lot better. The lasers looked awesome right over out heads and the video on the stage was really BIG! This show is definitely for the party crowd. Not for prudes! Come lit up!
Favorite moment: Wish you were here
Opening act(s): Our car in the parking lot :


That had to be the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen just wish it would have been longer
Favorite moment: All of it


Great music! Cool light show !! Something really different !!


Greatest Representation of a Pink Floyd Experience
First of all, I had my doubts as to the Laser Light concert. I had been to one before in Baton Rouge, which was held at the Planetarium, and it was not the best quality at all (it was not the Laser Light Spectacular). I had bought 2nd row seating, which I was worried about since I may not be able to see the entire show, but I was wrong. A single, small projector blocked a small portion of my view, but it didn’t disturb my experience. With the FREE light refracting glasses, I awaited the show. It started with an entire play through of the Dark Side of the Moon album, which sounded perfect on the Hard Rock Concert sound system. Deep Bass and true sound. The lasers were unforgettable. They went on to play a line up of songs from The Wall, and a single from Momentary Lapse of Reason and Meddle. The experience was truly awesome and I will definitely go to another of their shows.
Favorite moment: Entire Concert.


Not only the best laser light show I have ever seen but 1 of the most incredible music events I have ever been too.


Pink Floyd…… 40 years later
Was and enjoyable show for my kids and myself. Front row seats are not the best. I would buy seats in the middle or rear of the theatre if I went to see it again. The stereo system was great.


It Sold Out for a reason!
This was my 8th year in a row going and I cannot wait to go again next January. The laser show never disappoints and who doesn’t enjoy Pink Floyd. If you’re a fan of Pink Floyd you definitely will enjoy this show.
Favorite moment: The Wizard of Oz!!!


If you are ever able to see this amazing show… (pause)… DO IT !!!
Favorite moment: Everything from the opening to the ending…


Best Pink Floyd Laser show I’ve ever seen!
I went into this show with high expectations, and they were all fulfilled and then some. By far the best Laser Pink Floyd I have ever seen. Very well done. Accompanying me was my 11 year old Daughter, who is as big of a Pink Floyd fan as I am. She said it best when, after the very first song, she turns to me, lifts her laser shades and says, “Dad, that just blew my mind.” Thanks for a great show and a memory that will last me till then end of my days.
Favorite moment: ‘On the Turning Away’


Pink Floyd Laser Show Anaheim Grove
First and foremost, The Grove in Anaheim is terrific, no bad seat in the house. Everyone is always so pleasant and can inter-act and meet great people.
The 3-D Lasar Show was Brilliant! If you’re a Pink Floyd lover a Must See. Attendee’s of all ages… even saw a little old couple who had to be in their 90’s slowly walking in together. Pink Floyd’s Political views up-dated to present time. Just a warm up to the Roger Waters Concert “The Wall”